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Satmya - Oksatmya by Soumya Prakash Mohanty

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Many many years ago, Human civilization developed foe sustain & maintain a good health. There is actually necessary of health science. Ayurveda is a very unique and ancient system of medicine which deals with both - cause of disease / how to prevent the disease and eradication of a disease. This concept was already explained in Agnivesh Tantra , most commonly & Popularly known as 'Charak Samhita' .

प्रयोजनं चास्य स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्यरक्षणं, आतुरस्य विकारप्रशमनं च| - च. सू. १

This is not only tell the Prevention but also the eradication, which is better for human settlement.

But, Practically, it is possible when we focus & obey some important feature explained by Ayurved Acharyas like Agni, Prakruti, Vikruti, Trayopstambha, Satmya, Vyayam, Abhyang and more specific to Ahara-vihara, in terms of Ritucharya.

"Satmya" is an important feature of Ayurved. It is that, which being used constantly has wholesome effects in body. The synonym of satmya is Upashaya & opposite is Asatmya or Anupashaya. It is a regimen by application through day to day life, it become necessary as well as suitable to body.

There is no exact Classification of Satmya. It is basically of three types -\

  1. Superior Satmya

  2. Inferior Satmya

  3. Mediocre Satmya

As we know, there are 6 Rasa, which are given in Ayurvedic Samhita i.e. Madhura, Amla, Lavan, Katu, Tikt and Kashaya.

  • Superior Satmya defines using of all rasas.

  • Use of any one like Lavan/Katu or any other Rasa is of Inferior Satmya.

  • Mediocre as the name itself indicates average, it is in between Superior & Inferior.

Oksatmya is nothing but a type of satmya. It is that which i.e. suitable to the person because of regular use, either it is diet or regimen. It has been used in the sense of Abhyas- Satmya. It may be sometime wholesome entity while sometime unwholesome also. Both harmful & useful things constitute Oksatmya. For example, taking milk in regular, eating green vegetables, rice, ghee everyday, not harmful for health provided Ritucharya guidelines,. Another case, If someone drinks drugs i.e. not immediately harmful.

By considering guna, diet, regiment of Dosha, we have to more focus on Desha-Satmya, Dosha-Satmya, Vaya-Satmya, Prakruti-Satmya as well as Amaya-Satmya.

  • Dosha-satmya is very important in terms of clinical approach. It deals with medicine/dietary plan, which keep on or bring Doshas in the state of normality. Satmya indicates Opposite qualities to Dosha, but in clinical approach the stage of Doshas should be asses sincerely & accordingly management be decided. Including this, Dosha-satmya considers the attributes of Dosha involved in manifestation of disease. If LAGHU property of vata-dosha is increased then GURU, Therapy will be the appropriate choice.

  • Prakriti-satmya deals with maintenance of good health. Acharya sarangdhara explained very briefly about vata, pitta and khapa prakriti in his purvakhand. Among all prakriti; Samadoshi-prakriti is best and advised to people for it.

  • Vaya-satmya

  1. It means that which is wholesome according to different stages of age. Same type of substance are not applied in all age groups. Basically treatment like Vaman, Vinrechana, Brihan, Langhan etc. should be advised as pen age and time considerable. Because the substance suitable in adult or old age may not be suitable many time in childhood and vice-versa.

  2. If we look dominant of dosha then; kapha dosha is predominant in childhood, pitta dosha in adult age & vata dosha in old age.

All physician, vaidya & Doctor should give attention while advising any medicine to patient. As the scope & application of satmya is very fast, all have to focus the Vaya, Kala, Desha, Dosha and more specific to Prakryti and Oksatmya. If any person belong to Ayurveda would not understand and Applied aspect of Satmya-Oksatmaya concept, then they will never get Success in their duty!

The Post by Soumya Prakash Mohanty

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