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About Us

आयुर्वेदस्य सुवर्णमय प्रातःकाल

We are Group of 7 Continues Student of Acharya Charak! We are Here with a Mission to Bring Ayurved on Internet and Enhance ourself and Whole Mother Earth with it!

We are Here to Complete All 4 Purushartha of Human Being with Ayurved. It Consist of Main Vision to Empower Vaidyas and Create More and More Vaidyas From Ayurved Students!

"धर्मार्थकाममोक्षाणामारोग्यं मूलमुत्तमम् ।।"

- च.सू.१/१५

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Our Story

The Lock-Down, in 2020 was Very Helpful to Ayurved. All The Peoples from Whole World had Accepted the Bhartiya Culture like Namaskar, Washing the Hands before entering the House etc!

Then, We launched this Website. This was Built by Our Founder, Vd. Bhagyesh Karale himself in Lock-Down Era.

Later on We have Started Organizing Lectures on Various Topics with vision to Deliver Pure Ayurvedic Knowledge only without Western Mixture.

Also, We have Started Some other Events Like 'Ayurvedic Book Circulation' And 'Store' Also!

We Believe that Bhagwan Dhanwantari has Blessed Us. We are Looking for Your Valuable Support and Response!

Meet The Team

Our Respected Faculties

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