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Satmya - Oksatmya By Dr. Sunil Hariram Pal

Satmya- Oksatmya Definations:

सात्म्यं नामं तद यद आत्मनी उपशेते। - च. वि. १/२० (रसविमानाध्याय)
सात्म्यश्चेत्यत्रसात्म्यशब्देन ओकसात्म्यमुच्यते। - चक्रपाणि

‘Satmya (Homologation) stands for such factors as are wholesome to the

individual even when continuously used. ‘Satmya’ is one that does not affect the

health when body becomes adapted to it.

Satmya – Oksatmya difference:

Satmya is the one which is conductive to one self. That which becomes a part of

oneself, helpful & conductive to one self is Satmya. Satmya & Asatmya are

nothing but pathya & apathya. Satmya is that which can be consumed for a long


Okasatmya is nothing but conduciveness developed due to continuous intake of

particular substance, even though it is not good for the body. As the chronic

poison suddenly, in the same way constant intake of nonconductive substance

over a long period does not produce ill- effects suddenly.

Satmya- Oksatmya similarity:

ओकादि अभ्यासात्सात्म्य । औचित्यात् ओकसात्म्यं तदुच्यते ।। - (च.सू. ७/४९)
अपथ्यमपि हि निरन्तराभ्यासद्विषमिवाशी विषस्य नोपघातकं भवतीति भावः ।। - (च.पा.सू.७/४९)

Gangadhara reads Satmya as that which suits the person e.g. the use that which

gives happiness. According to Hemadri, Satmya is that which is supportive,

approving & agreeable to the body. ‘Satmya’ here is ‘okasatmya’ (acquired

homologation) which is an accomplishment can be presented in two forms with

help of its synonyms- a scientific modus operandi & a definitive outcome. The

denotations oka, abhayasa & aucitya means a procedure which is always

associated with a definite & pleasant result indicated by the connotations like

upashaya, sukha, abadhakara, sahayyabhuta & anukula. In other words Satmya

are those substances which are conductive to the body.

‘Okasatmya’ coveys own identity. The intake of food & practice of activities

wholesome to the body are superlative amongst the systems worth adopting. The

food stuffs which are otherwise unwholesome can become positive for the body

by their regular & uninterrupted use.


  1. Roga Satmya- Milk in tumors, Ghee in udavarta, Honey in obstinate urinary disorders.

  2. Divasvapna Satmya- Day sleep in Grahani, night awakening.

  3. Desha Satmya-

  • Curds, milk and karira in Rajasthan

  • Alkali in Eastern India

  • Fish in Sindh

  • Oil and sourness to Pathans

  • Rhizomes and roots to Malaya

  • Thin gruel, mantha and wheat to Konkana, North India and Avanti places.

The Post by Dr. Sunil Hariram Pal

Copyright @AyuPedia

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