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As we have Huge Contacts, You can Sponsor us by Many Different Ways!


You can Sponsor Us and we are Bound to Advertise your Product/Service in Following ways -

  • On Website

  • With Each Book, we are Sending

  • Via Stickers

  • Via Posters

  • Via Hand-letters

You can Discover Different ways to Advertise During Filling this Form!

How can we Promote Your Business?

  1. We are Sending a Books to many Vaidyas and Students.

  2. We have Classified Information of All Vaidyas and Students according to their Address and Occupation.

  3. When we are Sending Books, we can Deliver Your Product along with it.

  4. Also, We can sent your Posters or pamphlet along with Books.

  5. Also, Your Product or Service will be Advertised on Our Website.

You can Contact Us on Whatsapp for any Additional Help -

Thank You!

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