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Become an AyuPedia Admin

A Volunteer Program for Returning the High Status to Ayurveda Vaidyas

Charges - FREE OF COST

You can Also Earn by Providing Paid Services!

By filling the Google Form Below, You'll Become a Reputed Admin of AyuPedia Family! You have to Just Contribute by Following Ways -

You can Become -

1. Blogger - We're Providing Personal Blog Account to you, Related to Ayurveda! You can Write Articles Anytime, Anywhere.

(No Topic Restriction)

2. Entrepreneur - You can Sell your Book, Video Lectures, Notes, PPT's etc.

3. Author - Help Us to Write a Book ALSO We are Exited to help you for Writing Your Own Book!

We'll Manage All Publishing And Distribution Copyrights!

We've Already Published a Marathi Ayurvedic Book!

4. Co-Organizer - Help Us to Organize the Following Events -

A. Lecture Series (Both Free & Paid)

B. Quiz Competition

C. संभाषा परिषद - Debate Competition

D. Any other occasional Events

5. Lecturer - If you are Good as Lecturer OR Want to give Lectures, Please Contact Us!

6. Guide - A Volunteer Programme for Returning the High Status to Ayurveda Vaidyas

7. Network Creator - Help Us to Create Network of Vaidyas & Students, Practitioners to Bring them Together OR Gaining Knowledge from them to Explore it!

8. Provider - Provide Us the Ayurvedic Books, Notes etc.

9. Donation - You can Also Donate Us for this!

10. Content Creator - You can Create Instagram Post (with your Credits) and also Charts & Diagrams Related to Ayurveda!

11. Other - You can Take Part in it By Any way Possible!


- Your Capacity of Study will Increase

- More the Students Shall start Ayurvedic Clinic

- The Quantity & Quality of Matter Available on Internet related to Ayurveda will Increase

- Increase in Understanding Level of Ayurveda


- Certificate for Fulfilling Criteria

- Earning through Paid Services

- Free Access to Related Documentation

- Concession in Fee of Future Events!

Who can Participate?

- UG Students

- PG Students

- Practitioners

- Vaidya having Government Job

- Entrepreneur Vaidya

- Vaidya Working in Private Sector


Any query?

Contact Us

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