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Donate Goods

To Manage this Huge Project, We need Some Goods. List is given, You can Donate this Goods or Donate Money to Buy this!


We Need the Following Things on Urgent basis. It Included

  • Printer to Print Address of Customer (x1)

  • A4 Size Papers (x100)

  • 500 gm packaging packet (x100)

  • Fevicol or Gum for Sticking (x10)

  • Transparent Sticking Tape (x3)

  • Brown Sticking Tape (x3)

Please Fill the Form Below to Donate this Goods.

Please Contact Us before sending this Goods.
We can Send you Parcel Charges or we can send a Volunteer to Bring it!

You can Contact Us on Whatsapp for any Additional Help -

Thank You!

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